DVI’s 35th Anniversary Gala – NYC’s showstopping event in 2015

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DVI’s 35th Anniversary Gala – A Cocktail Reception, Dinner & Celebration To be Remembered!

On November 29th AFDVI celebrated DVI’s 35th Anniversary in style! Former United States Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman, as keynote speaker, praised DVI for serving as a beacon of hope in Jerusalem:

“Almost everybody you talk to in Israel – they’re yearning for peace..they would really love to create a situation with the Palestinians where there was peace for both sides. But frankly most of them have given up on the process because they don’t see leadership on the other side that is committed to making that happen. This is one of the reasons that I so deeply respect what Dental Volunteers for Israel does. In the first instance, I respect it because you’re all doing something you don’t have to do; you have practices and your lives – this was not necessary for you to do. You did it because you thought you could be of help. I believe you have the satisfaction that is unique to anyone when we serve a cause that is is larger than ourselves. We know that we’re making a difference. The skills that you have as members of the dental profession. And it is the midst of all the division, frustrated yearning for peace that you do create an island of hope in Jerusalem…you’re open to serve Jews, Arabs, Christians, whatever. And, I think in doing so, you not only help those people, but you create an example – a sort of beacon or modality that will infuse on the entire region – and certainly the relationship between Jews and Palestinians. So I admire you greatly for that.”

Senator Lieberman also received an award on behalf of the B.L. Manger Foundation which he chairs. The event, held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan, was attended by dentists from across the US and several important supporters from abroad, including Septodont President Olivier Schiller. Many other notable dental industry leaders and staunch DVI supporters including Henry Schein’s CEO Stan Bergman and Premier’s leadership Julie and Rabbi Gary Charlestein attended and shmoozed with the crowd.


Dr. John Bengtson, 19-time DVI Volunteer and Ms. Edlawit Agdea, his former patient.

Former DVI patient Edi Agdea, now studying nursing in Texas, came and spoke poignantly about the impact DVI made in her life, with Dr. John Bengtson, the DVI volunteer dentist who treated her, speaking with her – their presence, side-by-side, was emotionally moving, especially as it was obvious how much they enjoyed each other’s company and were so delighted to see one another. This really brought the message home to everyone that DVI is one global family.

The event was a stunning victory for DVI’s wonderful support network in the US. DVI’s staff and board of directors thanks everyone for helping make its 35th year a phenomenal success!

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