Returning a smile to an at risk youth!

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Last week, Guy, a 20 year old referred to us by Kidum Noar (the Jerusalem Municipality’s department for Youth at Risk) came in to the clinic for the first time. He had gone to a private dentist about the space between his teeth, caused by a small incisor. The private dentist told him he’d need to pull the small tooth and give him an implant – and even offered him a “discounted price” of 5,000 NIS. As a young adult with no support and a very small income, Guy felt that he had no choice but to ignore the space, though he was self-conscious about it.

Luckily, the Jerusalem Municipality’s Kidum Noar referred him to DVI, where he learned that some space between your teeth is no reason to pull a healthy tooth! Veteran DVI dentist Dr. Steve Katz built up the tooth for Guy with composite – for free.

Dr. Katz is a veteran volunteer who comes in twice a year to treat needy patients in the DVI clinic. Thank you, Steve! It is always a pleasure!






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