DVI Director Dr. Roy Petel Visits our DVI Friends in Finland October 2010

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This October, Dr. Roy Petel made a visit to our DVI friends in Finland, in honor of the DVI 30th Anniversary celebrations held in Vanta Finland. Among the organizers were Dr. Kristiina Ramo and Dr. Liisa Weckstrom who are veteran DVI volunteers, and Liisa Auruksenaho Vice Chair of the Vanta Finland – Israel Association.

DVI Dancers in Finland, featuring Dr. Kristiina Ramo, Prof. Tapani Ramo, and Yuval Tabashi, choreographer and dance teacher from the Israeli Dance Institute in London. Look at the happy faces of the dancers standing behind the Israeli Flag.










There were four days of important meetings at the Helsinki Hospital, the Dental Faculty at the University of Helsinki, a meeting with our Finnish representative, Dr. Erkki Kuusisto. Dr. Petel visited the Planmeca factory to see and evaluate the new digital panoramic imaging machine that we intend to purchase for our clinic.

Sami Puhlin, Area Export Manager- Planmeca and Dr. Roy Petel at the exhibition hall of the factory.

Israeli Ambassador to Finland and Estonia, Mr. Avi Granot, also attended the event. Mr. Avi Granot and Dr. Roy Petel.










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