Temple U Dental Dean Visits DVI

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Dr. Amid Ismail (left) at the Trudi Birger (z”l) memorial in DVI’s courtyard.

Dr. Amid Ismail, Dean of Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University and member of AFDVI’s Honorary Council, visited DVI’s Trudi Birger Clinic on May 16, 2017, accompanied by immediate-past AFDVI president Dr. Michael Goldberg. Drs Ismail and Goldberg are pictured by the Trudi Birger z”l memorial with DVI Director Dr. Roy Petel. Dr. Ismail was impressed by DVI’s progressive oral health curriculum, unique among free dental clinics; the classroom offers a special opportunity to have a longer term impact on the hygiene and self-care in the lives of low-income patients, whom will hopefully escape the cycle of poverty. Dean Ismail offered to help recruit dentists to volunteer at DVI and was happy to learn about DVI’s work in the diverse Jerusalem community.

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