DVI Volunteer Dentist Discounts

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Here is a list of attractions, shops, and hotels that offer discounts for our DVI volunteers.

Most of these places want confirmation that you are actually a volunteer – the easiest way to get around this is to have us make the reservations for you (if relevant), or have them call us to confirm.



The Tower of David Museum – Two in One: Museum Entrance and Night Spectacular for 55NIS (usually 70NIS)


Jewels of Jerusalem (7 Ben Yehuda St.) – 20% discount

Hoshen (32 Emek Refaim St.) – 10% discount



CafeCafe (44 Emek Refaim St.) – 12% discount

Caffit (36 Emek Refaim St.) – 10% discount

Hamoshava 54 (54 Emek Refaim St.) 25% discount

Masaryk (31 Emek Refaim St.) – 15% discount

Pompidou (19 Emek Refaim St.) – 10% discount

Roza  (2 Rachel Immenu St.) – 10% discount

Waffle Factory (24 Emek Refaim St.) – 10% discount


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