Driving Directions (Uziya St.)

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Uziya Street Apartment (back)

Driving Directions from Airport
Natbag (Ben Gurion Airport) 2000, Ben-Gurion Airport
Destination point:  15 Uziya St, Jerusalem, Israel

  1. Upon leaving the airport‎
  2. Keep right at the fork and merge onto Route 1 42.5 km
  3. Upon entering Jerusalem‎, the street name will change to Ben Gurion St 2.7 km
  4. Continue on to Shazar St. (Binyanei HaUma) 850 m
  5. Continue on to Ben Tzvi St. 1.2 km
  6. Turn left on to Ruppin St. 230 m
  7. Continue on to Ramban St. 500 m
  8. Turn right onto Arlozorov St. 400 m
  9. Turn left onto Ze’ev Jabotinsky St. 68 m
  10. Take the first right onto David Marcus 220 km
  11. At the traffic circle, take the second exit onto Pinsker St. 300 m
  12. Turn right onto Yitzchak Elchanan St. 370 m
  13. ‎Turn right onto Emek Refaim 650 m
  14. Turn right onto Yonatan St. 140 m
  15. Turn left onto Yehoshafat 140 m
  16. ‎Turn right onto Uziya (warning – there is no street sign!) 70 m


Estimated driving time: 55 minutes

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